- November 3, 2022 - 

Endorsement of Gerald Malloy

It is a great honor to endorse an American Patriot who is running in what would normally be a difficult State for a Republican, but things are changing fast, and his Radical Left opponent, Peter Welch, is absolutely terrible—he does not represent the values of the Great People of Vermont.


For the past 16 years, Welch has accomplished nothing in Congress except to boost his own Net Worth by Millions of Dollars. The people of Vermont deserve more than a self-serving political "hack" in the U.S. Senate. Vermont needs a Patriot—and that is Gerald Malloy!


A Brave Veteran, Malloy knows how to fight to Protect our Country, Uphold the Constitution, and Restore the Rule of Law. As U.S. Senator, Malloy will work very hard to Reduce Crime, Stop Inflation, Secure our Border, Protect our under siege Second Amendment, and Restore American Energy Independence, and even Dominance.


Gerald Malloy has my Complete and Total Endorsement—he will never let you down!


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